Aluminum foil 30x100m

6.78 (5.47 + ΦΠΑ)

professional foil d ragon clean produced by editable aluminum alloy . its total surface covers 29.5 m 2 and its total scale is 100m.

ame two sides , one mat and a glossy . used for maintenance, transport and cover cover and hot food. used for professional and domestic use.

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aluminum foil 30x100m



durable & amp; good quality will become the ally you.

30 x10 0 m . width covers 30 cm and extent covers 100 m . special of edit makes it a lot durable suitable for each use.

strong> facade to use for food maintenance in cooling or freezing, to transport and cover or high either in a lot low < /strong> temperature. it can be used equally by “mat” and from its “glossy” side.

not to be used

risks and precautions

  • to avoid microorganism growth we do not use the same piece
  • store in part cool and dry against preference in its packaging box.
  • no direct contact with electricity and electrical resistors
  • n

  • it is forbidden to use in microwave ovens
  • n

diability and dimensions

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with very acidic food
with very salty food