Antiseptic Gel Hand Natura Papoutsanis 500ml

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antiseptic gel hand natura papoutsanis 500ml is approved by eeo and < strong> composition according to global yegal organization .

eeds 80% ethyl alcohol for direct action by of viruses and bacteria . along with antibacterial and antimicrobial action, financial ally of your business, since it has many fills for smaller bottles .

you will find it in packs: 4 kg, 500ml

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antiseptic hand gel natura papoutsanis 500ml



k antiseptic gel hand natura papoutsanis 500ml, is the better and the necessary ally of our time. provides 100% antisuction quickly and simply with a single press.

” >, which keeps us safe in today’s time .

> natura papoutsanis 500ml, for ultimate antisepsis and hygiene wherever you are:

  • contains 80% ethyl alk le oo
  • its composition is in line with the world health organization < /li>
  • is approved by eof
  • kills 99.9% of microbes
  • it is recommended for use in all age groups is suitable for everyday use.

technical characteristics

< em> tips: n

  • the large package can fill smaller bottles up to three times. < /strong>


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pack 500ml
Weight 0.500 kg