Waffle Kitchen Paper, 4.5kg

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dragon kitchen paper is durable, absorbent and economical! will become your right hand not only in the kitchen but also in as many cases you need to wipe and dry any surface.

does not leave a fluff, it is ideal for professional use. is a wafer, a compact roll with notches.

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waffle kitchen paper, 4.5kg



bsp? and professional cuisine.


to kitchen roll is a double, and absorbent. does not leave a fluff, and a small amount is capable of absorbing large amounts of liquid element.

should be applied on a desktop base. it can be used in e professional and home cuisine for quick removal of liquids and fatty items from hands.

for fast surface cleaning is sufficient for a small amount for removal of large volume of fat and liquid substances.

ta rolls kitchen paper 4.5 kg dragon clean you can buy them pieces, or in a box. the box contains 2 rolls and is externally protected by gelatin.


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Weight 4.5 kg