Water-soluble toilet paper, 8x110gr

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the roll paper dragon water soluble is resistant, absorbent and economical! does not leave a fluff, is ideal for professional use. is a wafer, compact roll.

the absorbency prevents the waste of paper, making it suitable for bathrooms. delicate and soft. for sale in 80 grams packaging. the paper is dissolved immediately in case of water drops.

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water-soluble toilet paper, 8x110gr

\” from a two-strong> resistant and absorbent paper.

his absorbency makes it economic , as even two paper roll sheets health is enough for one use. the cutting mode also prevents the use of pulling large quantities.


  • dermatologically tested & amp; suitable for skin contact
  • 100% papermobile
  • 8 x 110gr
  • white color
  • 100% traceable
  • double, wafer
  • complete absorbency
  • water-soluble
  • 34m. paper on each roll
  • woven texture
  • bsp;

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