Dining Napkins 30×30 White

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dining napkins are ideal for accompany every meal and need of everyday life . they can agreeless to decorate and cover every need of a special moment .

is very absorbent on liquid and fat food . the package consists of 400 paper napkins boxes, in white and dimensions 30×30 .

are suitable for professional and domestic use.

you will find it in a package: 400 pcs.

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food napkins 30×30 white

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an looking for a napkin covering your daily needs but also can decorate your nicest moments, dragon clean has the solution!

food paper napkins 30×30 in white, will give a different note to your daily meals.

is two-door and is an ideal solution for the absorption of liquids and fats.

one to two napkins are enough for a person, even in a greasy meal tained.

the food paper towel has very soft texture, durability and absorbency.

has food and water solubility certificates.


food napkins 30×30 white promise economy and quality in each product!


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