Luxury food napkins 33X33 Blue

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luxury food paper napkins are ideal for accompany every meal and need of everyday life .

they are pleasantly pleasant to decorate and cover every need of special moment . it is very absorbent on liquid and fat food .

orth packaging consists of 80 napkins boxes, in blue and dimensions 33×33 . they are suitable for professional and domestic use.

you will find it in a package: 80 pcs.

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luxury food napkins 33×33 blue

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the solution!

\it is an ideal solution for the absorption of fluids and fat.

are one to two napkins for a person, even in a greasy meal.

luxury napkin has a lot m salt texture, durability and absorbency.

“packaging weighs 295gr is made of chemical pulp.

luxury maxi food napkin, in blue color will become your ally leaving each customer or visitor satisfied and happy to maximum.

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