Luxury-Restaurant Napkins 24X24 Fuchsia

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restaurant luxury napkins are ideal for accompany every meal and need of everyday life .

they are pleasantly pleasant to decorate and cover every need of special moment . it is very absorbent on liquid and fat food .

orth packaging consists of 750 napkins monofilaments, in fuchsia color and dimensions 24×24 . they are suitable for professional and domestic use.

you will find it in a package: 750 pcs.

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luxury-restaurant napkins 24×24 fuchsia



it has the solution!

napkins maxi luxury-restaurant , in dimensions 24×24 in fuchsia color, they will give a different note to your daily lunches .

is a single-stranded and is an ideal solution for the absorption of liquids and greasy.

are sufficient to two napkins for a person, even in a greasy meal.

n luxury napkin 24×24 fuchsia, has a lot soft texture, durability and absorbency. can accompany the serving of a appetizer or dessert. can also be used as absorbent “soup”.

the package weighs 766 gr , it is constructed by chemical pulp. has food and water solubility certificates.

> satisfied and pleased to the maximum.

luxury-restaurant napkins 24×24 fuchsia promise economy and quality in each product!

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