Handcuffle roll gold 800gr, white autocut

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the handwriting gold 800gr dragon white auto cut is resistant, absorbent and economical! it does not leave a fluff, it is ideal for professional use.

is waffle, compact roll. used with automatic or semi-automatic handkerchief devices.

absorbency prevents the waste of paper , making it suitable for business bathrooms, focusing businesses or domestic use.

ental and gentle. pieces or box are for sale. the box contains 6 800 gr handwashets

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handcuffle gold 800gr, white autocut



your space with a click.

h dragon clean gold 800gr handcuffer, it consists of a very durable and absorbent paper.

it makes it economical as a dragon clean roller roll sheet sufficient to absorb all the liquid element from the hands of each user.

1 new handkerchief can is compatible with each handkerchief device, with the proportional roll dimensions.

  • dermatologically tested & amp; suitable for skin contact
  • 100% paper mill
  • 6 rolls x 800gr
  • 30cmx22,5cm size sheet
  • white color
  • 100% traceable
  • 15cm roll diameter and length: 20.5cm
  • double, wafer
  • complete absorbency
  • desktop or wall mount
  • handkerchiefs.

the handkerchief device can also decorate the household bathroom, for greater hygiene and avoid microbes residing on reusable towels.

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