Chicopee Coffee Towel

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chicopee coffee towel, specialized cloth with microfibers to clean the professional coffee machine. it is recommended for all coffee businesses.

ates beneficially with cleaning the nozzle after each work that performs . the composition of sails also help, at complete cleaning of the machine coffee, since its composition with microfibers, prevents tears and cuts of the sail.

h open weaving structure makes the coffee towel ideal for collecting impurities, rinse and reuse, ensuring a clean atmune after time.

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chicopee coffee towel


n chicopee coffee towel is first cleaning cloth specially designed for coffee machines. keeping your machine clean and healthy is vital to good coffee. with excellent heat resistance and cleaning efficiency, chicopee coffee towel ensures the highest coffee level after a long time.

o coffee towels received voluntarily fcc certificate and can be deliberately used in contact with food. the coffee towel is externally certified by the fcc according to iso en 1186, this is vital for use with milk. his unique colors differentiate it from the sails used as part of the haccp process, reducing the risk of wrong use.

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    • all chicopee europe foodservice bearing fcc certificate and can be used intentionally in contact with food
    • specially designed to fold twice and they are used directly in contact with the steam cleaner, the coffee maker is externally certified according to the iso 12127 resistance of up to 250 ° c
    • washed easily up to 40 times at 90 ° c without losing the properties of
    • the open weave structure makes the coffee towel ideal for collecting impurities, rinse and reuse, ensuring a clean steam after so long
    • many wipes used in combination with coffee makers do not carry making it is fcc
    • other fabrics do not offer sufficient heat resistance , this can lead to accidents and reduce cleaning efficiency
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    • the nozzle is an integral part of your coffee machine but if not suitably preserved, can be breeding ground for hazardous bacteria and can cause mechanical malfunction
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