Massalias Mallakatics 4L

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massalias mallaktechnics 4l, with your new strong composition , gives your clothes fragrance and freshness you always wanted.

the new condensed softener, gives the maximum results opposite stench and knots . mount 4-10 gr in each wash for fluffy garnish .

for households and businesses that want economy and freshness in each wash!

you will find it in professional and domestic packaging: massalias 13l, massalias 4 l l

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massalias mallakatics massalias 4l

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i want your clothing , e massalias mallakatics dragon clean ! ! !

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try and your condensed softener-dragon clean, that gives unique scent massalias that lasts and the most “strong> gentle feel on your clothes. the softening composition helps washing reduction for easier ironing!


concentrated clothing softener – dragon clean with perfume massalias provides high quality softeners and neutralizing ingredients , leaving pleasant scent . appropriate for all types of laundry . removes static electricity from synthetic . the solution for every business and household!


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technical characteristics

instructions for use: < /strong>

liquency malclocking white massalias dragon clean – 4 – 4 > l

dosage 3-4kg

wash 6-7 kg wash 9-11 + kg wash grambers in the last rental 4-6 < strong> gr

6-8gr 8-10gr
  • handwash: dissolve 50 ml in 5 ltr water.
  • is added to analogue 4-10gr /kg dry clothing in the last rinse.
  • removes static electricity.
  • breaks knots and reduces the chimney. < /strong>


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Weight 4 kg