Wettex Vileda Small Size

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the small-sized wettex-cloth provides high absorbency for direct liquid collection .

ickel in uses kitchen, bathroom and surface . color coding for avoid contamination .

apuras up to 14 times its weight in water . stuck and rinsed easily . biodegradable, washing at washing machine or dishes up to 90 ° c . natural product made from cotton and cellulose .

is in pieces with dimensions 26 cm length and 20 cm width . it is suitable to clean wooden and glass surfaces without leaving lint .

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wettex vileda small size

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> business or a household , after a lunch or a professional meeting . the usual sponges they leave residues or water lines in their passage.

the dragon clean < strong> provides the solution with wettex vileda small size !

. it can absorb up to 14 times the weight of in water. resistance makes it capable of multiple use, or for successive use on different surfaces.

color coding capability to avoid infections and transfers .

wettex , thanks in its financial packaging, can be done the most reliable and necessary equipment in business or household . the financial package provides 5 wettex sails. each cloth can be used for small or large surfaces, can be washed and reused.

w wettex vileda small size is suitable for all surfaces , plastic , glass, metal or wood. leaves no stains and lines, nor lint in its passage. it can be washed in a washing machine or dish to 90 the c . can to clean and with a simple rinse in hand and reusable.

the small size wettex that suggests or dragon clean :

  • will become ally your cleaning kitchen, bathroom, tables, etc.
  • does not leave remnants , spots or fluff
  • you can clean large surfaces without changing cloth
  • washed easily either by rinsing either in the washing machine or dishes at 90 o c


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