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the liquid pope klinex t limes of dragon clean , is a strong formula condensed liquid , against salts strong> cause purple to wc .

made for the hardest water , fights fast all stains generated by the salts as it leaves a pleasant scent freshness ‘ocean’ lasting for hours.

apallo, respects and protects its enamel wc , does not destroy it thus retarding the reappearance or permanent stain from a puree.

you will find it in a package: 750 ml

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klinex t-limes, 750ml




trust the liquid pope klinx limes of dragon clean !

klinex t-limes, 750ml has a convenient package to reach all the inaccessible points that are stains. special of nozzle applies perfectly below the rim of the pelvis, hitting in the heart of stain quickly and easily.

the strong synthesis of the overlapped liquid remains on the stain, acting locally and persistently . it rubbed with the basket’s jar for better results. removes salts, purolium and mold from the rim of the basin.

applied inside the basin, extinct puri and salts, and giving a pleasant “ocean” scent in your bathroom that lasts . to rinse a press in the kazanaki.

you can be used daily to prevent salts and purse!

klinex t-limes dragon clean, meet the advantages of:

  • cleans in depth of pouri and salts < /strong>
  • does not destroy hygiene items prevents salt and plate formation
  • relieves already damaged hygiene items gives unsurpassed ‘ocean’ in the bathroom and other spaces, scent that lasts


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