Blue glass wet, 750ml

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the glass wet dragon clean 750 ml , cleans in depth stains and stamps , where they come from. used insoluble on any quality of mosque and glass .

is suitable for daily use, as does not contain ammonia. spray and wipe immediately with a cloth .

does not wear surfaces and no blobs when applying. remove all with a single pass! provides and pleasant freshness aroma!

you will find it in professional & amp; household packaging: 4 l & amp; 750 ml

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blue glass wet, 750ml


glaze surfaces, spots, stains and blur.

very simple! trust the dragon clean glass wet for maximum and fast results!

the strong composition of its wet mosque dragon clean > fights any small or large stain with the first pass.

the special formula without ammonia is ideal for daily use . no dyes to do not leave blur, perfectly insoluble, and wipes with cloth. provides and pleasant freshness aroma!

is applicable in all g-glass goggles and glasses, as well as melamine surfaces, tile, etc. does not cause damage . leaves no spots or lines .

is also suitable for businesses and for households.

n financial packaging of here.

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