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Private label products DRAGON CLEAN

Get to know the products that thousands of businesses and households trust every day for their cleaning needs.

At DRAGON CLEAN you will discover a strong mix of Greek products that are produced to the highest standards at our privately owned facilities in Filippiada.


Now floors, windows, dishes and clothes sparkle cleaning easily and quickly. A just a small amount is enough to ensure a perfect result and give you even more economy in product and price!


Kitchen paper, toilet paper, napkins DRAGON CLEAN!
Designed with high Durability and absorbency specifications clean every surface and loosen your hands with one only passage!

Now DRAGON CLEAN is entering the household as well!

Floor; Windows; Dishes; Clothes;
DRAGON CLEAN products for households came to you get rid of your daily chores! Easy, efficient and economical!
We know what you need and we customized our professional products to your own household requirements to you enjoy cleanliness every day!

You want your business to shine but you do not know how;

At DRAGON CLEAN we come to your place, by appointment
we study and design the hygiene needs for each surface!

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